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  • Course is TX Department of Licensing and Regulations Approved, PTDE #113
  • Available to Teenagers 14-17!
  • 100% Online - Take from Anywhere, with Any Device
  • Apply for Learner's Permit after 1st Unit!
  • Student Support Available 24/7

What is Parent Taught Drivers Education?

PTDE is the preferred way to fulfill TX DPS driver ed requirements.

Parent-taught driver education (PTDE) is one of three ways to fulfill the driver education requirement for a teen in Texas. The other two methods are taking drivers ed with a private driving school or taking drivers ed through a public school.

Why Parent Taught Drivers Education Makes Sense?

Texas Drivers Ed Courses

Today, drivers education is rarely offered in most public school districts. Most private driving schools come with a private-school sized tuition. Electing to complete a Parent-taught driver education course is not only educational -- it is affordable, convenient, and proven to be an effective training method.

Who can Teach a Parent Taught Drivers Education Course?

A Texas PTDE course can be taught by a teen's parent, stepparent, grandparent, step grandparent, foster parent or legal guardian. In addition, Texas law states that the PTDE instructor shall have held a valid driver's license for 3 years, not had driver license suspended, revoked or forfeited in the past three years, has less than six driving record points, has never been convicted of DWI/DUI, and is not disabled due to mental illness.

PTDE Instructor Requirements

Make sure you request a PTDE Packet from the TDLR!

To be a PTDE teacher, you must first request a Parent-Taught Driver Education packet. Once the packet is received, the student is officially enrolled in the PTDE program. Once enrollment in the PTDE program is complete, then you can purchase at PTDE course from a licensed PTDE course provider. The American Safety Council course we offer is TDLR approved, PTDE license # 0113.

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